About IMT

John Henson

“Life shouldn’t stop when your vision does. We aim to inspire and enable our doctors worldwide with the devices to revolutionize the treatment of cataracts and kerataconus.”

Tanuja Patel

Production Manager

Beth Pereira Findley

Director of Communications

Moises Lopez

Packaging & Shipping Supervisor

Sady Funez

Manufacturing Supervisor


Luai Najib
Clinical director

In addition to being the clinical director, specializing in kerataconus, Luai assists IMT in reaching European and Middle Eastern markets (EMEA). Through Luai’s expertise, IMT offers complimentary surgical plans with every KERATACx purchase.

Our Impact

Founded in 1998, IMT has served thousands of clients worldwide through quality ophthalmic products focused on treating blindness such as corneal disorders, cataracts, keratoconus. Our company is the only medical device manufacturer that offers a truly progressive IOL. We are committed to empowering doctors with the highest quality product.

Our Mission

At IMT, we believe in designing innovative, quality ophthalmic products that keep Life in Focus. Cataracts are inevitable, and our mission is to continually research and develop the best technology to stay on top of customer needs.

Our Commitment to
Doctors & Distributors


Our procedures are based on ISO 13485 requirements for our manufacturing processes of medical devices.


We offer more variety in sizes and types of ophthalmic implantable products than any other competitor.


We work directly with doctors and ophthalmic professionals to identify and address the needs of patients.

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