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Beth Pereira

                   IMT introduces newest ophthalmologic device forever changing multifocal vision
                                                           The only truly progressive product of its kind

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. (Jan 5, 2022) – IMT releases its most recent addition to ophthalmology products: DIFFRACx Trifocal. This intraocular lens enables users with multiple vision prescriptions to view the world clearly with no undesirable side effects.

The type of progressive technology that IMT uses in making multifocal IOLs allows for smooth transitions between prescriptions, eliminating any ridges in the product that can cause glare or halos.

“Competitors claim to use progressive technology in their products,” said John Henson, CEO of IMT, “but never fully achieve optimum clarity. We believe our approach will forever change how IOLs are produced in the future.”

With the release of this innovation, IMT stands out as the only ophthalmological device manufacturer that offers a completely unique IOL containing gradual focal changes. It is available to purchase by doctors or distributors online at

This is the first year since 2013, that IMT has introduced a new IOL in the ophthalmology industry. Its employees plan on increasing production and distribution with the success of this product.

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About IMT:

IMT is a manufacturer of advanced ophthalmology products. Its goal is to enable people who are suffering with various eye diseases to have the chance to experience life in focus again. IMT believes it is achievable by furthering innovation in the field of ophthalmology and producing the highest quality products for doctors and their patients.


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