Capsular Tension Ring

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Superior Capsular Support

Capsular tension rings (CTR) are necessary in the ophthalmic industry due to the need for structural support in weakened capsular bags. IMT offers a variety of styles that are manufactured with superior precision.



CTRs can be removed and reinserted at any stage. They are adaptable to changes and are tolerant to the use of contact lenses.


The surgical procedure of implanting a CTR is completely reversible if the patient has any trouble. Upon removal, the cornea will remold to its previous shape.

Quick Recovery time

Due to the un-intrusive nature of circular tension ring surgical procedures, there is little time needed for recovery. In addition, patients should see drastic improvements quickly.

Unique Designs

The capsular tension rings come in a variety of shapes in order to effectively target specific problems that a patient might have.

Doctors can choose the CTR appropriate for their patients’ needs to promote a successful surgical outcome.

The variety of IMT’s unique CTR models allows for a customized approach to the doctors treatment of their patient’s blindness.

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