Capsular Tension Ring

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Superior Capsular STABILITY

Capsular tension rings (CTR) are necessary in the ophthalmic industry when there is a need for structural support in weakened capsular bags. IMT offers a variety of styles that are manufactured with superior precision and quality.  Choose from 4 Types.  Types 1, 2, 3, and 4.



The CTR is a PMMA open-ring device with blunt-tipped eyelets at either end and or in the inner diameter of the device. The CTR is designed to be implanted into the capsular bag and left permanently in place. CTRs work by imparting a centrifugal force to the equator of the capsular bag. This force is equalized throughout the entire zonular-capsular apparatus, thereby transmitting the tension from intact and normal zonules to those areas of zonule laxity or absence.


By increasing overall bag stability, the risk of intraoperative complication is reduced. In addition, the tension imparted to the entire bag with a CTR decreases postoperative capsular contraction (phimosis), decreases posterior capsular opacification, and improves IOL centration.


To be most effective, the CTR should be larger in diameter than the capsular bag diameter and an appropriately sized ring should have its ends overlap slightly. Ultrasound bio microscopy has shown that a correctly placed CTR lies between the IOL haptic and the ciliary body with no iris touch, and that its position is stable, safe, and consistent.

Unique Designs

The capsular tension rings come in a variety of shapes in order to effectively target specific problems that a patient might have.

Doctors can choose the CTR appropriate for their patients’ needs to promote a successful surgical outcome.

The variety of IMT’s unique CTR models allows for a customized approach to the doctors treatment of their patient’s blindness.

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