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Intracorneal Rings

KERATACx™ intracorneal ring implants are ophthalmic medical devices intricately manufactured to reduce, or eliminate, astigmatism and myopia in patients suffering from keratoconus. 

These implants are intended to restore functional vision so that a more intrusive surgery can be avoided. The product is implanted into the corneal stroma encircling the pupil and functions as a support to reshape the cornea.


KERATACx™ are placed on the periphery of the cornea so that they are out of the patient’s area of visibility. Located at the ends of the KERATACx™ are positioning holes to assist the doctor’s surgical maneuvers. The material of the rings is made of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and are available in a variety of sizes, diameters, and thickness. All our models are designed with a smooth dome shape and rounded edges so that post-operative results are without the reported halos, glare or sparkles of our competition.



What Sets IMT's Rings Apart


KERATACx™ have been implanted and successfully tested for the past 20 years tested and has performed excellently, producing outstanding results. Both the patient and the doctor were highly satisfied, and thousands of customers worldwide give similar testimonies of IMT’s product quality.

More optical zones than competitors

IMT offers more optical zone options in intracorneal rings than any other ophthalmic device manufacturer. The variety consists of 5.0mm, 5.5mm, and 7.0mm. shown in our three models: CRP 50, CRS 55, CRV 70.

Request a Surgical Plan

An added benefit that we provide at IMT is a free surgical plan to assist with your purchase of our KERATACx™ intracorneal rings. With the help of our in-house surgical consultant, you can request a plan to guide you to successful surgical results.

Segment Degrees

KERATACx™ comes in unique sizes, diameters, and thicknesses for a perfect implant for every patient. IMT’s corneal rings range from a complete 360° circle to a 45° segment depending on the patient’s corneal correction needs.

Segment Sizes - Dome




Additional Benefits

Doctor & Patient Satisfaction

Doctors choose IMT’s intracorneal rings over competitor’s, because of the consistent long-term success due to the safe, functional, and innovative approach to manufacturing KERATACx™ corneal rings.

Completely Reversible

The surgery performed with our intracorneal ring implants is completely reversible and can easily be removed for exchanges or other medical reasons.

Superior Dome Technology

Unlike our competitors’ triangular prism design, IMT’s KERATACx™ corneal rings are designed without any sharp edges to provide premium comfort and safety while maintaining optimum refraction and eliminating glare and halos.

incomparable quality

Through numerous quality comparisons of competitors’ corneal rings to IMT’s KERATACx™, there is an evident difference in smoothness of edges, transparency, and overall quality of the product. KERATACx™ corneal rings are put through a precise design, manufacturing, and polishing process that distinguishes IMT’s products from others and ultimately provides a higher quality product.
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