Seeing in HD with DIFFRACx™ Trifocal Lens

Seeing in HD: Approaching vision with a fresh perspective

Do you recall when wearing glasses or bifocals that the light can cause unwanted glare or halos? What if I told you it was possible for those with eye diseases or cataracts to view the world with absolute clarity—no glasses, no distraction, simply perfect HD vision? Well, there is. With the world constantly adapting and improving, IMT is seeking to stay on-top of the wishes of our doctors and their patients.

More light—Better sight

For decades, diffractive technology [] has been studied and used in numerous fields such as space exploration, medical and scientific fields to manipulate waves (light, sound, etc.). With the advancements of new technology in creating diffractive intra-ocular lenses (IOLs), IMT has been able to approach the concept of vision clarity with a different perspective.

Take a look at this camera from Canon []. Similar technology is used in creating a camera lens. DIFFRACx™ Trifocal, the multifocal diffractive lenses allow light to seamlessly enter the eye, through the cornea, without causing any glare or other undesired side-effects. This is a revolutionary development in the field of ophthalmology and will forever alter the way multifocal lenses are made.

The primary reason why other products fall short, is due to the fact that the ring depth (apodization technique) on the lens surface is too drastic, causing light to refract off the edges of the optical zones and create blurring, sparkles, and or glare. With IMT’s new progressive strategy and superior process, we have been able to develop lenses with seamless apodization, thus optical zone transitions: invisible to the naked eye and compatible with light diffraction to optimize optical performance.

Too good to be true? Ask our partners.

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